AMAA Boss, Peace Anyiam – Osigwe Makes A Case For MOPICON

AMAA boss, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe has taken yet another swipe at those in vehement opposition to MOPICON.


Anyiam-Osigwe who is to chair the MOPICON draft review committee posted this on her Facebook wall last night.

“With all due respect to all my creative colleague’s but I have to say my mind, in the last 10 days I have watched “Nollywood” exhibit the ignorance that has kept it in Limbo for the last 17 years, all of a sudden people take one piece of information and start to lecture you about in America, in London, in Mushin, please most of the so called young woods and some of the old woods discussing the basis of MOPICON (POPCORN) are extremely ignorant, let’s just take what happened to the white Oscars and what the March and blacking out of the Oscars led to a change, Not being well informed is not an excuse to delude others.

Creative unions all over the world exist to protect our existence and help us, it is optional to join. From Chukemeka Chikelu’s time till date the need to be in control by some power blocks who see it as their birthright to Control people in Nollywood.

A conducive enabling environment will grow Nollywood to become a real investment into the Nigerian economy, for all the people shouting no to MOPICON, please what is MOPICON? and please how much did you make from your last film or your film did not make money but it was in Cannes in official selection,or it is an Asaba film and you have made 30m from VCD’s.

How can anyone think that another film maker will want a film maker to go to jail, maybe just maybe whilst trying to destroy what is good for our collective life, in your self centred egotistical need to prove that you know it all you are actually showing your ignorance and it’s so annoying. Before shouting kill maybe just maybe you should look well before you leap joining the bandwagon. Arrogance based on ignorance is not intelligence”.


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