Oprah Winfrey, Vivica Fox, RMD, AY & Others make Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA) Nominees List

NAFCA gears up to host its award in September this year. The Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards, (NAFCA), is an accolade bestowed by the Nollywood Film Critics USA to recognize excellence of professionals in the African film industry.The ceremony has been on for about five years now.


The annual formal ceremony started September 16, 2011, in North Carolina, USA. Dr. Victor O. Olatoye, the founder and the CEO of Nollywood & African film Critics’ Awards commenting on this year’s NAFCA Nominations said, “We received over 150 films from filmmakers across Africa and the Diaspora we are very proud of our filmmakers for the significant improvements we continue to see as we review these films. NAFCA 2015 is going to be our biggest award to date since we moved the award to Hollywood last year and we are partnering with Hollywood producers including over 400 members of the press to spread the word.


The Nominees list has been revealed for the upcoming fifth edition of  Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards.

Topping the list of nominees is Olobiri with 16 nominations and Jeta Amata’s ‘Black November’ with 13 nominations.

Check out full list of nominees;

Best Film

  1. Black November

  2. Affairs of the Heart

  3. Oloibiri

  4. Chronicle of Blizzard

  5. Kingmakers

Best Indigenous Film

  1. Nkoli Nwa Nsukka

  2. Bloodline Battle

  3. Chronicle of Blizzard

  4. Majemu America


  1. Kingmakers

  2. 30 Days in Atlanta

  3. Oloibiri

  4. Love Regardless

  5. Chronicle of Blizzard

Best Comedy

  1. 30 Days in Atlanta

  2. When Love comes Around

  3. Comedy Club

  4. The Ojays

Best Docudrama

  1. The Portrait

  2. The Other Tribe

  3. Oloibiri

Best Short Film

  1. China Town

  2. Price of Spice

  3. Addiction

  4. Weeping Ashes

Best Cinematography

  1. The Portrait

  2. Black November

  3. Affairs of the Heart

  4. Transition

  5. Oloibiri

Best Screenplay

  1. Affairs of the Heart

  2. Love Regardless

  3. The Portrait

  4. Oloibiri

  5. Black November

Best Editing

  1. Affairs of the Heart

  2. Black November

  3. Shattered Romance

  4. Oloibiri

  5. The Portrait

Best Sound

  1. The Portrait

  2. Black November

  3. Oloibiri

  4. Chronicle of Blizzard

  5. Transition

Best Original Score

  1. Transition

  2. Black November

  3. The Other Tribe

  4. Love Regardless

  5. Nkoli Nwa Nsukka

Best Visual Effects

  1. Black November

  2. The Portrait

  3. Chronicle of Blizzard

  4. Oloibiri

  5. A mile from Home

Best Costume

  1. The Other Tribe

  2. Bloodline Battle

  3. Chronicle of Blizzard

  4. When Love Come Around

  5. Oloibiri

Best Makeup

  1. Bloodline Battle

  2. Chronicle of Blizzard

  3. A Mile Home

  4. Black November

  5. Oloibiri

Best Actor in leading Role

  1. Hakeem Kae-Kazeem-Black November

  2. Richard Mofe Damijo-Oloibiri

  3. Ayo Makun-30 Days in Atlanta

  4. Mike Ezuronye –Chronicle of Blizzard

  5. Gbenga Titiloye-Love Regardless

Best Actress in leading role

  1. Zannell Zuh-When Love Comes Around

  2. Mbong Amata –Black November

  3. Juliet Ibrahim–Shattered Romance

  4. Ivie Okujaye Oloibiri

  5. Ebele Okaro Onyiuke-Chronicle of Blizzard

Best Actor in Supporting Role

  1. Ramsey Nouah-30 Days in Atlanta

  2. Enyinna Nwigwe –Black November

  3. Olu Jacobs- Oloibiri

  4. Mikki Osei Berko- When Love Comes Around

  5. John Dumelo – Chronicle of Blizzard

Best Actress in supporting role

1)    Sonia Ibrahim – Shattered Romance

2)    DJ Pierra Makena- When Love Comes Around

3)    Eku Edewor- When Love Comes Around

4)    Taiwo Ajayi Lycett – Oloibiri

5)    Vivica A Fox-30 Days in Atlanta

Best Child Actor in a Film

  1.  Quvenzhané Wallis- Annie

  2. Trinity Simone– Selma

  3. Eden Duncan-Smith-Annie

  4. Jilian Estell- Black or White

  5. Jamarion and Jordan Scott – Get on Up

Best Director in a Film

  1. Jeta Amata – Black November

  2. Curtis Graham-Oloibiri

  3. Mac Collins Chidebe – Nkoli Nwa Nsukka

  4. Nicholas Beveney – Kingmakers

  5. Muyiwa Aluko- Love Regardless

Best film – Diaspora

  1. Pound of Flesh

  2. Affairs of the Heart

  3. Kingmakers

  4. The Portrait

  5. The Heartbreaker’s Revenge

Best Drama Diaspora Film

  1. The Other Tribe

  2. Pound of Flesh

  3. Affairs of the Heart

  4. Kingmakers

  5. The Portrait

Best Actor in leading role Diaspora Film

  1. Joseph Benjamin –Affairs of the Heart

  2. Benjamin Ochieng– The Other Tribe

  3. Curtis Von–Pound of Flesh

  4. Van Vicker-The Heartbreaker’s Revenge

  1. David Raine-Transition

Best Actress in leading role Diaspora Film

  1. Stella Damascus – Affairs of the Heart

  2. Merlisa Determined – Pound of Flesh

  3. Pamela Nomvete – Kingmakers

  4. Cynthia Rodriguez –Transition

  5. Brittany Mayti-The Heartbreaker’s Revenge

Best Actor in Supporting role Diaspora Film

  1. Ken Smart- Kingmakers

  2. Jolie Garret-Transition

  3. Egbi Perez –Pound of Flesh

  4. Nosh Joseph– Affairs of the Heart

  5. Lamar Usher– The Heartbreaker’s Revenge

Best Actress in supporting role Diaspora Film

  1. Queen Amina- Price of Spice

  2. Divine Shaw-Affairs of the Heart

  3. Lynn Whitfield- 30 Days in Atlanta

  4. Ashley Starks-Pound of Flesh

  5. Monique Moses  – Transition

Best Director in Diaspora Film

  1. Robert Peters–Affairs of the Heart

  2. Nicholas Beveney -Kingmakers

  3. Don Okolo-Pound of Flesh

  4. John Uche-The Portrait

  5. Dalyboy Belgason- The Heartbreaker’s Revenge

Legend Awards

  • His Majesty Otumfuo Dr. Osei Tutu II (The Asantehene) Ghana

Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • HE Hon. President Marcky Sall (Republic of Snsegal)

  • HE Hon. President Joseph Kabila (DRC)

Lifetime Achievement Awards in Cinema

  • Mr. Oludotun Jacobs (Nollywood Nigeria)

  • Marla Gibbs (Hollywood USA)

Image Awards

  • Sonja Norwood ( Hollywood USA)

  • Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (Hollywood USA)

  • Genevieve Nnaji (Nollywood Nigeria)

Image & Humanitarian Awards

  • Sir Emeka Offor (Sir Emeka Offor Foundation)

  • HE Hon. First Lady Jammeh (Jammeh Foundation-The Gambia)

  • Dr. Margarita Anderson  (Foundation USA)

  • Mr. Thomas Ousley (Infinite Scholars USA)

  • Mr. Thomas Miles (Miles of Giving Foundation)

  • Halle Berry (What A Little Love Can Do project)

Humanitarian Awards

  • Dr. Eli Marshall-Evan Grant (The City of Life Foundation)

  • Apostle Dr. Eng. Kwadwo Safo (Founder Kristo Asafo Mission)

Special NAFCA Patriot Awards

  • General Lloyd E. “Fig” Newton

Special NAFCA Literary Arts Award

  • Professor Wole Soyinka

  • Dr. Fumi Princess Stepahine Hancock

  • Mrs. Odili Koudou

Best Foreign film

  1. Selma

  2. Get on Up

  3. Annie

  4. A Girl like Grace

  5.    Soul Ties

Best Foreign TV Series

  1. Empire

  2. Blakish

  3. Love Thy Neighbor

  4. Being Mary Jane

  5. Family Time

Best Foreign Short Film

  1. Open

  2. Bullets & Stilettos

  3. Conflicted

  4. Coma

  5. Just Me and All of You

Best Director in a Foreign Film

  1. Ava DuVernay-Selma

  2. Tate Taylor–Get on Up

  3. Will Gluck–Annie

  4. Curtis Graham –Oloibiri

  5. Ty Hodges – A Girl Like Grace

Best Actor in a Foreign Film

  1. Jamie Foxx- Annie

  2. Chadwick Boseman–Get on UP

  3. David Oyelowo – Selma

  4. Mickey Rourke- Black November

  5. Romeo Miller – A Girl Like Grace

Best Actress in a Foreign Film

  1. Carmen Ejogo-Selma

  2. Quvenzhane Wallis – Annie

  3. Viola Davis –Get on Up

  4. Chryslate Wilson –Comedy Club

  5. Lynn Whitfield – 30 Days in Atlanta

  6. Ryan Destiny – A Girl Like Grace

Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Film

  1. Nelsan Ellis–Get On Up

  2. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje –Annie

  3. Cuba Gooding Jr. – Selma

  4. Craig Robinson- Get On Up

  5. Clyde Jones – Get On Up

Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Film

  1. Vivica A Fox- 30 Days in Atlanta

  2. Rose Byrne-Annie

  3. Oprah Winfrey-Selma

  4. Raven Symone- A Girl like Grace

  5. Garcelle  Beauvais – A Girl Like Grace


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